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Description of private wellness

Our always private wellness offers real relax to our guests. It is in a dedicated building with panoramic windows and view to a surrounding nature – mountains, stream and sometimes feeding sheep. Please be aware that the wellness is available to accommodated guests only that paid access to wellness. Standard opening hours are from 14:00 to 20:00. Please check the price list to find out possibilities of non-standard access. Also please pay attention to the wellness rules.


You will definitely relax in our cedar sauna with full-spectrum heaters with minimal values of electromagnetic field. Infra-sauna has many health advantages to traditional finish sauna. Canadian cedar moreover releases a relaxing scent of cedar wood. You can adjust color of the starlights to bring the relax to perfection. You can even use your own music in the sauna if you use USB dongle, SD card or Bluetooth connection. 


Number of persons 3-4 (comfortably 2 – 3)
Material Canadian ceder
No. of heaters 12 (back panels 6, side panels – 2, foot panels – 2)
Type of heaters RedGlass (full-spectrum) + 2 x side carbon
Regulation of the power YES
Audio panel with USB YES
Light therapy – Skylight YES
Temperature 35-60 °C
Power consumption 3000 W

Hot Tub

Our hot tub Jacuzzi® J355 is the real original Jacuzzi from the company of the inventor of the wonderful technology which makes experience by itself even better.  Hot tub offers comfortable space for up to 4 people. It was created for deep massage of full body muscles. It will relax not only surface but also hidden muscles in the body thanks to special jets PowerPro® and ProAir, FX-10™ Therapy Seats and fourteen FX jets. Final touch to the atmosphere adds waterfall and LED lighting. You can fully enjoy the relaxing atmosphere either with your mind or with your friends with endless discussions and fun. 



CAPACITY: 5-6 persons (comfortably 2 – 4 ps.)
SIZE:: 214X231X97 CM
VOLUME: 1514 L
No. of jets: 42

Jets PowerPro® NX2 (2 pcs.)

Advanced NX2 jets effectively relieve tension and strain in the sensitive (and hard to reach) neck area with a highly focused stream of water. Change direction by adjusting the nozzle and intensity of the massage by turning the jet face.

Jets PowerPro® FX (14 pcs.)

Jacuzzi® PowerPro® FX Jets’ unique spiral action sends an energetic stream of air and water that’s perfect for smaller muscle groups. Adjustable to high and low pressure, FX jets relieve tension at pressure points in the shoulders, neck, back and calves.

PowerPro® FX Large Rotational Jets (3 pcs.)

The FX Large Rotational Jet has a wide swath that provides an exceptional massage for large muscles. A stainless steel centre shaft ensures non-corrosive and long term performance.

PowerPro® BX Jets (12 pcs.)

Often used in Jacuzzi® lounger seats, these unique jets offer a very high ratio of air to water for a softer, soothing effect across your calves.

PowerPro® FX Large Jets (2 pcs.)

The PowerPro® FX Large jets focuses on the middle of the back relieving tension and muscle strain, typically caused by poor posture. The FX Large jet gives a spiral action massage to the back promotion better circulation.

PowerPro® FX Rotational Jets (4 pcs.)

Using the same FX technology, the new PowerPro® FX rotational jet focuses on smaller muscle groups with a kneading effect to stimulate surrounding tissue.

PowerPro® MX Jets (5 pcs.)

Based on the form and function of the original Jacuzzi® jet created 50 years ago, the new generation, patented, MX jets deliver maximum volume at a higher air-to-water ratio. PowerPro MX jets are strategically located to deliver a bold massage, especially effective for muscles in the lower back.


Monitoring/GDPR notice

We want to inform our cutomers that wellness is monitored by space sensors which might record the video and store it for a limitted time period (maximum of 1 month).

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