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Rules for accomodation of pets

Pets  (dogs and cats) are welcome in Štyri Lipy. However there are following rules to be kept:

  1. We accept only “no-problem animals” especially from the point of view of social behaviour and hygienic habbits
    • we do not accept aggressive breeds of dogs (for example stafford, pitbul, fila, doberman etc.)
    • we do not accept animals which are loud or aggressive and may annoy other guests or their animals
    • in case of breech of above rules, the animal will be banished from Štyri Lipy immediately without entitlement to compensate the cost of accomodation (neither animals neither guests)
  2. It is allowed to accomodate only one animal per room in rooms of type Double and Double Plus and two animals in Appartment
  3. Guest is obliged to bring all necessary hygienic tools and requisites for animals like sleeping pads, drinking and eating bowls, towels, chemicals and tools for cleaning of the fur, dirt and odour
  4. It is not allowed to use showers neither towels or bed linings for cleaning or washing pets! Fine for breaking of this rule is 50€ and is due immediately.
  5. Animals are not allowed to enter common areas of the building (like kitchen or wellness) except of the corridor. Fine for breaking of this rule is 50€ and is due immediately.
  6. Walking the dog (cat) in exterior of the building (like garden or parking space) is not allowed. Fine for breaking of this rule is 50€ and is due immediately.
  7. It is necessary that owner of the dog immediately cleans and disinfects the interior or exterior of the house from excrements in case of “accident” on his own costs.
  8. There are other free moving animals in the vicinity as well as inside of the object of Štyri Lipy (domestic as well as wild). Provider of Štyri Lipy is not responsible for damage or injury caused by or to animals.
  9. Guest coming to Štyri Lipy with animal  is completeley responsible for its behaviour and eventual damage caused by animal.
  10. Guest ordering the stay of the animal is responsible for immediate financial settlement of claims in case of any damage or injury caused by animal to other guest, owner of other animal or damage to Štyri Lipy (house interior or exterior).
  11. We take 50€ caution upon your arrival if you want to accommodate a pet. The amount will be returned to guest if no breach of rules occurred during his stay.

Thank you for understanding and keeping the rules.

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