1. Every visitor of the wellness center is obliged to keep the rules in this document and also other instructions of personnel.
  2. Visitor not respecting the rules of wellness may be banished from the wellness without claiming refund of the wellness fee. 
  3. It is not allowed to enter the wellness to children under age of 18 without supervision of adults.
  4. We do not recommend entering the wellness to children under age of 3.
  5. Parents or other supervising adults are responsible for their children in the wellness and for possible damages or misbehavior caused by children. 
  6. Entering into the wellness center is allowed only for accommodated persons with exception of guests allowed to enter by personnel.
  7. Every visitor is using wellness at one’s own risk. 
  8. Every visitor is obliged to obey the opening hours of the wellness center.
  9. Every visitor should read the wellness rules on his/her own behalf.
  10. Every visitor is obliged to be aware of the correct use of sauna and hot tub as well as its contraindications.
  11. Every visitor is obliged to use shower before every entering of sauna or hot tub.
  12. Hot tub is not intended for use of personal hygiene. Do not use soap, oils, aroma sent or other detergents.
  13. Every visitor must obey the general rules of moral and decency.
  14. Drunk visitors, visitors under influence of drugs or visitors suffering by infectious diseases or parasites are not allowed to enter the wellness. 
  15. Every visitor must be very cautious when moving inside of the wellness center as the floor might be slippery. Every visitor must also keep all facilities of wellness clean. 
  16. If the visitor of wellness does not keep the rules of cleanliness and contaminates the water in hot tub or sauna in the way that it must be replaced (water) or/and cleaned (sauna), visitor will pay the damage (replacement and reheating of water or/and sauna cleaning) according to actual price list.
  17. In case of damage of facilities the visitor will pay the damage immediately to the personnel.
  18. Additional requests or claims should be communicated immediately to personnel.
  19. We want to inform our cutomers that wellness is monitored by space sensors which might record the video and store it for a limitted time period (maximum of 1 month).

It is prohibited in the wellness center:

  1. to endanger safety of other visitors or to annoy other guests by noise or other misbehavior;
  2. littering of the spaces by different kind of garbage, litter etc.;
  3. to bring and use glass objects except of those brought by personnel;
  4. to block enter doors into the wellness;
  5. to smoke or use open fire;
  6. to eat in sauna or hot tub except when this is offered by personnel or to bring food in the wellness;
  7. to mutually immerse, hit each other, jump into the water, run, hang, sit on the rims or on the cover of the hot tub;
  8. to enter the wellness center and especially hot tub when used a cream, oil, perfumes or wearing jewels or dress something else then swimsuit;
  9. to enter sauna in swimsuit or other dress (we offer sauna blankets);
  10. to use soaps or other detergents in the hot tub;
  11. to bring pets into wellness center;
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